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See how well you do with our weekend quiz. Picture: SOPHIE POPE

See how well you do with our weekend quiz. Picture: SOPHIE POPE - Credit:

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This week in Framlingham it was discovered that the Barclays Bank had mistakenly renamed the town.

The sign which lists the banks opening times outside the branch says “Welcome to Barclays Framlington”.

The error was noticed by the owner of Framlingham Bookshop, which is just a few feet away in Market Hill.

Victoria Bell’s Facebook and Twitter posts identifying the blunder have been well shared and liked by many.

“I just thought it was extraordinary that nobody picked up on it” she said.

“It seems like such a careless mistake.”

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Christopher Hudson, who lives in Fore Street and represents the town at Suffolk Coastal District Council, said he was “amazed”by Barclays’ mistake.

“Framlingham is famous for its Castle on the Hill and now the Bank on the Hill seems to have forgotten about us,” he added.

“I think Framlingham residents will be shocked we have been overlooked in such a cavalier fashion.”

He added: “I hope it’s not a sign of the times.”

Read the full story here: Framlingham becomes ‘Framlington’ through Barclays’ sign error

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