How to become water wise

It’s sometimes hard to believe, but the East of England is one of the driest areas in the UK. In an average year, Jerusalem is likely to receive as much rainfall as we do!

Because of this, it‘s vital the 5.5 million people who rely on Anglian Water for their water supply help us to become a waterwise region. It’s good for the planet, but best of all, it can be good for your bank balance too.

One of the best ways to save water is to have a water meter fitted at home. On average, households save around �100 per year when they install a meter. And best of all, it’s free to have one installed.

Monitoring how much you use isn’t about going without, but instead encourages you to cut unnecessary usage. It’s a money-saver too: heating water for your shower, washing clothes and dishwashing accounts for about a quarter of your energy bill.

Here are some of Anglian Water’s top tips to build water and energy savings into your daily routine, morning, noon, and night.

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The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up…

You don’t need to say a little prayer to save your water. Just think about how you get ready for the day ahead. Astonishingly, the average bath uses 80 litres of water! Changing your routine to having a shower might use just half as much.

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But don’t stop there. A shower timer would reduce the amount of time you spend under the showerhead, while fitting a free E.ON ShowerSave device – available to all Anglian Water customers - could reduce the volume you use ever further still. The clever little device uses flow regulator technology to keep water running at a constant 7.6 litres each minute.

Down in the kitchen, even the traditional British cuppa can be made more water wise. Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need - not to the brim – and you’ll save on your energy bill as well as on your water use.

And back up in the bathroom, before you head out for the day, you’ll probably give your teeth a clean. Leaving the tap running can waste almost nine litres a minute. Turn the tap off whilst brushing, and you’ll reduce that to just one litre each minute.

A waterwise dinner date

Don’t leave the tap running while you’re scrubbing your carrots or peeling your spuds. Instead, fill up a bowl. Once you’re done, this water can be reused on your garden to give the next generation of veg a helping hand.

And don’t forget to rehydrate when you sit down to eat.

The average person should drink about two litres of water each day – do you think you get anywhere near that? If you like an ice-cold glass of water, don’t run the tap until it’s chilled. Why not keep a jug in the fridge, so when you want a drink it’s already cold and refreshing?

And when it comes to washing up, keep that bowl handy. You’ll use less water, and what you do use can be turned out onto the more hardy plants in your garden. We call this ‘grey water’ – and it’s the most natural recycling process.

Saving your water all night long

If you’re going to pop the washing on before you go to bed, bear in mind that about one in every seven litres of water we use at home goes into that machine!

Make sure you have a full load first - or if you have a ‘half load’ function, turn it on. Some dish washers also have this option. And don’t forget, if you’re buying a new washing machine, ask about its energy efficiency rating before you part with your cash.

Finally, if all your dish and vegetable washing water isn’t enough for your blooming garden, leave it till late to get the watering can out.

The later you leave it, the less the sun will be able to evaporate before your plants soak it up.

There are many advantages for saving water, and making a few simple changes to your day-to-day habits is all that’s needed. And that’s a small price to pay for saving money, as well as protecting the environment!

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