WATCH: How can you home school your children effectively during the coronavirus crisis?

Rosetta Stone has released a guide on how to home school effectively during the coronavirus crisis

Rosetta Stone has released a guide on how to home school effectively during the coronavirus crisis Picture: LAURA SKELDING - Credit: Archant

With schools closed to all but the children of key workers and the vulnerable, one educator has released a handy guide of how to home school successfully.

The guide, created by tutor Zakariah Hal, from language education company Rosetta Stone, gives parents five simple steps to ensure their children do not miss out on key education.

Tip 1: Keep it structured

For Mr Hal, the easiest way to keep your children focused on learning and away from distractions is to create a daily routine.

He said: “It is important to have a structured routine for conducive home learning.

“Some of the best classrooms that I’ve been in have had a clear set of rules and also a clear schedule for the day.

“Without these, you may find a home environment is less conducive to learning.”

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Tip 2: Develop a reward system

But a structured routine does not mean there should be no place for reward, with an emphasis placed on the difference between a strong set of rules and not being “too strict”.

Mr Hal said: “You have to allow children to have fun with their learning and a reward system, such as 30 minutes media time for older children, or perhaps a sticker for younger children.

Tip 3: Don’t teach too much

Although schools being closed means children can miss out on necessary education, Mr Hal said parents should remember to not overwhelm them and instead gradually ease into the new routines.

He said: “Make sure you don’t pack too much into a short space of time. Allow children to get comfortable with the material bit by bit.”

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Tip 4: Keep it concise

While it is important to ease children into their routines, Mr Hal said parents should ensure they keep teaching concise to ensure they do not lose interest.

He said: “It is okay if children can only process a little bit of information at a time. Give them time to practise a new concept.

“If you overload your kids, they will switch off and they won’t be interested in learning – no matter how hard you try.”

Tip 5: Simplicity is key

Just as with the previous tip, it is vital for parents to remember to keep lessons engaging for their children so they do not become distracted, lose interest and miss out on important education.

Simply put, Mr Hal said: “Keep it simple and fun.”

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Rosetta Stone is offering children free language classes for three month, while British Sign is offering British Sign Language (BSL) classes online for just £3 for students or those struggling financially during the coronavirus crisis.

Elsewhere, Ipswich Town Football Club has offered three classes online for young Blues fans, including PE, maths and literacy.

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