Hunt hounds savage pet cat

A DEVASTATED cat owner is in shock today after a pack of hunting hounds killed her Persian cat.

Rebecca Lefort

A DEVASTATED cat owner is in shock today after a pack of hunting hounds savaged her Persian cat.

Judy and Brian Dawson's nine-year-old cat Edwina, known as Dween, was mauled by the dogs which burst into their garden while on a hunt in Witnesham yesterday.

Today, Rob Haag, joint master of the Easton Harriers hunt whose dogs were involved apologised for the attack which he said was an extremely rare thing to happen.

And police have confirmed that no further action would be taken against the hunt whose dogs killed Dween because the Dawson family had chosen not to file a complaint.

Mrs Dawson, of Main Road in the village, was at work when the attack happened and found out when her neighbours called to tell her about the incident.

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She said: “I'm so very upset. I have lost many cats over the years but I think this is the worst way to lose a pet.

“I haven't seen the hunt round here before so it hasn't been a problem before. I don't think it should happen again. The hunt should have been more in control of the dogs.”

The horrific attack was witnessed by the Dawsons' neighbour, David Thorn, who heard a screaming noise at about 12.30pm yesterday.

He said: “I was so worried, the noise was horrid and the dogs sounded out of control.

“When I got next door the dogs were treating it as if it was a rag doll.

“My first thought was that it could have been a child they killed.

“Mercifully it didn't go on for too long but the dogs were completely out of control.”

The hounds ran off out of the Dawsons' back garden which backs onto a field, leaving Dween dead with her fur scattered on the ground.

Mr Haag, said the Easton Harriers hunt was taking part in a trail hunt with horses and hounds in the area.

He added: “I cannot remember it happening before with this group of hounds.

“We are very sorry and have apologised to the lady.

“We were in a field near Witnesham when a hare or rabbit in the middle of the field jumped up and ran towards the back of the houses.

“Some of the hounds unfortunately followed it to the back of the houses. The person chasing them didn't get there in time because they run very fast.”