Incredible audio: Help us solve the Rendlesham UFO mystery

AFTER 30 years, the Rendlesham forest “UFO’’ incident remains one of Suffolk’s most famous unsolved mysteries – but now the East Anglian Daily Times and BBC Radio Suffolk want to find out what really happened.

Our two organisations are joining forces in an investigation we are calling “Rendlesham Revealed’’, and we are aiming to unlock the enduring mystery in time for the 30th anniversary in December.

There are many theories about what happened in the forest close to the former USAF Bentwaters air base in the dead of night just after Christmas in 1980 – everything from aliens landing to lights from Orford lighthouse, to a mishap which was covered up.

A series of audio tapes of American servicemen investigating the scene of the alleged “crash site” throws some light on what happened that night.

But, despite endless speculation, there has never been a definitive answer.

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The story returned to the spotlight earlier this year when Colonel James Halt, who was second in command at Bentwaters at the time of the incident, suggested at a Press conference that what he saw that night was from “another dimension”.

Launching Rendlesham Revealed with BBC Radio Suffolk breakfast show presenter Mark Murphy, EADT editor Terry Hunt said: “As any EADT journalist will tell you, I am not usually a great fan of UFO stories, but this is different.

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“Quite clearly, something very unusual, and so far inexplicable, happened that night in Rendlesham forest.

“There must be an explanation – and it might be extremely hum-drum – but we want to find out.’’

Mark Murphy said: “After 30 years, there is still so much speculation about what might have happened. Someone must know.

“We are asking people who perhaps up until now have been too frightened, or perhaps embarrassed, to come forward, to contact us now and tell us what they saw, or what they know.’’

If you saw anything at Rendlesham that night, or you know anything about the incident, please contact either the EADT or BBC Radio Suffolk. Write to the EADT at: Rendlesham Revealed, c/o The Editor, East Anglian Daily Times, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich IP4 1AN, or e-mail Contact Mark Murphy via e-mail at

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