Ipswich: Alcoholic lovers blamed each other for brutal murder of Chris Thompson

Christopher Wilson who was found guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice

Christopher Wilson who was found guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice - Credit: Contributed

Homeless alcoholics Christopher Wilson and Deanna Stanton sought to blame each other for the murder of Christopher Thompson.

Deanna Stanton, who was convicted of murder

Deanna Stanton, who was convicted of murder - Credit: Contributed

The former partners met at Ipswich’s soup kitchen in Town Street on October 17, a month before they beat and strangled Mr Thompson to death in Chantry Park.

Giving evidence at Ipswich Crown Court Stanton painted herself as being controlled by a brooding Wilson who was prone to fits of jealous rage and outbursts of violence.

Previously during Wilson’s turn in the witness box he gave the impression their relationship was based on an equal footing.

He claimed his love for Stanton was so strong that he initially agreed to take the blame for killing Mr Thompson. However, he later had second thoughts.

Wilson said he saw the 26-year-old mother-of-three kicking and stamping on Mr Thompson.

Wilson, 34, claimed he tried to pull Stanton away from the 35-year-old, but she would not stop attacking him. Naturally the ex-lovers both tried to present themselves in the best light.

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Stanton said the pair became partners after meeting on October 17 and were inseparable from the start.

She claimed Wilson told her he was from Manchester and his uncles were the notorious crime bosses Dessie and Dominic Noonan.

Stanton said Wilson was not slow to tell her he knew how to look after himself.

She said within a few days of their relationship beginning he told her he did not want her talking to anyone else.

Giving evidence Stanton claimed: “His mood swings were really bad. He said that he had just stopped taking heroin when I met him.”

Stanton said her favourite drink was cider. She claimed to hardly ever touch spirits. However, one witness said Wilson told him he didn’t like her drinking vodka as she would become troublesome.

On one occasion Wilson was said to have dragged Stanton into a room and smashed her head on the floor when she spoke about an ex-boyfriend.

Stanton also claimed Wilson threatened to stab another man because he had been talking to her.

The night before Mr Thompson was murdered the couple stayed in Cavendish Lodge – which takes in the homeless on a first come, first served basis – in Turret Lane.

Stanton claimed Wilson had called her a ‘slag’ and a ‘whore’ after she spoke to people outside. She then alleged Wilson forced her to have sex in a bathroom when she went for a shower.

Whatever the truth about the people they are and the parts they played in Mr Thompson’s murder, both now face life sentences for his killing.

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