Ipswich: Begging in town centre costs man £100

Beggar fined

Beggar fined - Credit: PA

A beggar must pay a total of £100 in fines and costs after being caught scrounging money.

Terrie Forrest was seen on several occasions asking people for money in the area of The Walk in Ipswich.

The 31-year-old, of Stoke Street, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to begging in a public place on September 26 when he appeared before the town’s magistrates court.

Prosecutor David Bryant said a police officer came across Forrest near The Walk on two occasions sitting on the ground on a sleeping bag. The first time was outside Barclay’s Bank and then in the doorway of a disused shop.

He was asked to leave the area and warned he would be arrested if he continued asking for cash.

At 2.55pm the officer was patrolling through The Walk when he saw Forrest sitting in a doorway on a sleeping bag asking passers-by for money. Forrest was then arrested.

Forrest, who was also convicted of begging in March, was fined £25, ordered to pay £25 to the victims’ fund and told to pay £50 costs.