Ipswich: Borough’s bin thinking about how to change things!

Ondraya Plowman and Debbie Reeve with borough councillor Phil Smart and crews at the town's Waterfro

Ondraya Plowman and Debbie Reeve with borough councillor Phil Smart and crews at the town's Waterfront - Credit: Archant

Bin collections in Ipswich are set to undergo their biggest transformation in a decade next spring, it emerged today.

The number of collection days will be reduced from five to four – but crews will work longer hours to ensure all properties in the town are covered.

The overhaul of the service means every bin will be cleared between Tuesday and Friday of every week – and will avoid the need to alter collection days for most bank holidays.

Bosses say the only time there will be changes will be over Christmas and New Year and during the week before Easter every year.

It is estimated that the council will save about £250,000 a year as a result.

The number of hours worked by council bin collectors will fall from 39 to 37 a week, and there will also be savings in the maintenance of vehicles because they will be off the road one day a week.

The move is being brought in as the borough faces the prospect of developing a further new collection route to take account of the expansion of the town.

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Ipswich will now be divided into four quarters – north east, north west, south west and south east.

Each will be cleared on one day a week – and if there are any problems with one collection team, another team will help them out to ensure all roads are covered.

The move was approved by last night’s meeting of the borough executive.

Councillor with responsibility for bin collections Phil Smart said: “I am sure that all residents will readily adapt to this change which will provide a simpler, more efficient service.

“A four-day collection service will mean an end to nearly all of the Bank Holiday changes, which disrupts collections several times a year.”

Many councils already have four-day collections, including Chelmsford in Essex.

It will enable training and other management tasks to be completed on Mondays without disrupting staff working weeks.

The changes are due to be introduced from the start of the new financial year during the first week of April.

The borough is to spend £25,000 publicising the changes to ensure that all households know how their collections are changing.

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