Ipswich: Boutique with a sense of Déjà Vu

Mandy Errington, proprietor at DejaVu in Ipswich

Mandy Errington, proprietor at DejaVu in Ipswich - Credit: Contributed

Designer boutique Déjà Vu, which is based in Norwich Road, Ipswich, and specialises in ”pre-loved” high fashion clothes and accessories , has celebrated its first year in business with a party for customers and friends.

This time last year, Mandy Errington, a seasoned retail marketer turned fashion entrepreneur, set out to follow the dream of owning her own highly individual women’s boutique.

Her vision was to make exclusive designer brands accessible and affordable for Ipswich’s trend-savvy women by selling pre-loved clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories from the likes of Gucci, Prada, Versace and Calvin Klein. The result is Déjà Vu.

She said: “It has always been a dream to own my own business and I love fashion too.

“I looked in my wardrobe and found I had clothes in there I hadn’t worn for while and they represented a lot of money tied up.

“Many women have items in their wardrobes still with the labels on! It is a good idea to put them to use. Often I take them in with the tags still on, so they are clearly new.

“Running your own business is hard work, but I really love it. I have always been ambitious in everything I do, wanting to achieve the very best.”

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There are currently Calvin Klein, Polo, Prada and Armani items in her shop. A lot of pieces are originally from the USA or Italy and there are even some vintage items.

She added: “I think this sort of boutique is ideal, while people are feeling the pinch, they can come in and generate a bit of cash for something they have got but are not wearing.

“They can also find something different to wear.”

“We also have a lady who can make bespoke items if they are wanted.”

Mandy also goes to London once a month to buy in stock from regular suppliers, shops, vintage fairs and the like.

She added: “There are a lot of stylish ladies out there, I have customers from 20 to their 80s with most of them, I supposed, around 35 to 40.

“Déjà Vu now has an established, loyal clientele of both sellers and buyers, locally and much further afield; discerning ladies looking to revamp their wardrobes, refresh their looks and recycle their much loved, investment designer pieces.

“It means stock is always changing, every item is individual and prices are a fraction of their RRP.

She also offers a make-over service and cosmetics brand Youngblood, from the US.

She puts the business growth down to her stylish, loyal customers and the excellent quality of the merchandise provided by her clients.

“The two have to come together in equal balance for the Déjà Vu concept to work, which I’m delighted to say it does, beautifully.

“Clients and customers are one and the same; like-minded individuals with great taste and an eye for something a bit special. And the shop is so much more than just a shop! I went to great lengths to create the right ambience of high-end style and glamour, from the luxurious decor to our personal sourcing service, makeovers and consultations.”

Her husband Jon had been very supportive, she said, and converted and fitted out the shop.

She gives boutique a new look every week with a new window display.

Déjà Vu has also been involved in a number of successful fashion shows and charity events over the first year.