Ipswich: Brave Terri Calvesbert is ‘over the moon’ at her GCSE results

Terri Calvesbert celebrates getting her GCSE results

Terri Calvesbert celebrates getting her GCSE results - Credit: Andy Abbott

One beaming Ipswich teenager has proved that with a load of bravery, heaps of determination and support from loved ones, anything is possible.

When Terri Calvesbert suffered horrific burns in a house fire 15 years ago, medics feared she wouldn’t survive.

But in the years since, she has continually defied the odds.

And now she is enjoying another milestone some said she would never see – collecting her GCSE results.

Tiny Terri was just 23 months old when fire broke out in her bedroom in November 1998. Savage burns scarred her, covering 90% of her tiny body – including her face, scalp, neck, chest, back, both arms and legs – leaving doctors and the firefighters who plucked her from the inferno doubting whether she could survive the trauma.

But her strength of character shone through even at such a young age.

Now the 16-year-old is celebrating after picking up her exam results at Westbourne Academy yesterday.

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Wracked with nerves Terri refused to let doting dad Paul and his wife Nikky tag along, preferring to open the all- important brown envelope alone.

She said she was “over the moon” at achieving more than she dreamed she would.

In PE and IT Terri secured Bs, in health and social care she gained a C, art and design and English she was graded Ds, and in additional applied science and food technology Es.

To celebrate her achievement, Terri is jetting off to South Africa where she and a group of young burns victims will enjoy a two-week camp.

The trip will give the teenager just one day when she returns to prepare for her next challenge – an animal studies course at Otley College.

“I am a bit shocked,” she said, speaking from her Shakepeare Road home.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, I was really nervous.

“I have done better than I thought I would and I am just so glad it is all over and done with.”

Dad Paul added: “We are so proud of her. She has faced so much and to see her do so well is overwhelming.

“Things have changed so much since my time, I had to get her to explain the results page to me.

“It is amazing to see her do so well and achieve so much. So many people have helped her along the way, from doctors to her teachers, and readers donating to her fund.

“A big thank you to everyone – without the support she has had she couldn’t have done so well.”