Ipswich: Calls for signs at Bourne Park to warn drivers about illegal parking

GALLERY: A sunny day in Bourne Park, Ipswich.

GALLERY: A sunny day in Bourne Park, Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

Calls were made today for clearer markings and signs to be placed on an entrance road to Bourne Park in Ipswich, to warn drivers it is illegal to park outside the site.

A flurry of parking tickets have been dished out over the summer holidays to motorists who have parked on a grass verge at the Wherstead Road entrance to the park.

Up to 20 cars fell foul of wardens during a family fun day at Bourne Park last month while another load of cars were also ticketed at the end of August.

People living near the area said they had seen tickets dished out throughout the summer holidays and car drivers have claimed there are no clear signs or markings, leading to confusion as to where they can and cannot park.

One of the drivers ticketed, health care assistant Liz Brame, of Grundisburgh, came to the park with a friend and children and parked near the verge.

She said: “It is not clear enough.

“The lines only go half way down and us, like probably everyone else who received a ticket, thought that the area was just a continuation of the car park area.

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“Clear signs should be erected to fully inform the public and stop this from happening.”

Officials at Ipswich Borough Council have stressed their parking wardens do not target any groups or visitors and the cars which were ticketed were parked on an access road illegally.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “The Highway Code states that waiting restrictions indicated by yellow lines apply to the carriageway, pavement and verge.

“Bourne Park has two car parks available for visitors, a small one at the Wherstead Road entrance and a much larger one at the Stoke Park Drive entrance.

“We are surprised that people are still contravening the parking restriction after the amount of publicity that has surrounded it recently.”

People who have received tickets have been told they have the right to appeal against the penalty.

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