Ipswich: Cancer campaigners still await decision over Woolverstone Wish and Macmillan uniting

CAMPAIGNERS are still waiting to learn whether two charities will team up for the benefit of the town’s cancer patients.

Macmillan Cancer Support has been carrying out a feasibility study at Ipswich Hospital to assess whether it could join forces with the Woolverstone Wish to get a new cancer ward.

The decision had been expected by the end of last year, but Macmillan is yet to come to a decision and it is not yet known when the announcement will be made.

The Woolverstone Wish fund was launched in September 2009 to raise money to refurbish the chemotherapy outpatient clinics and day-unit in the Woolverstone Wing of Ipswich Hospital.

The aim of the fund is to increase the space, improve privacy for patients and provide a more comfortable treatment area.

The cramped conditions on the oncology ward mean patients are often forced to receive chemotherapy in corridors due to a major shortage of treatment rooms.

More than �280,000 has already been raised for the appeal, thanks to the generosity of local residents.

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However, the extensive revamp of the clinics and the day unit would cost a massive �800,000 to ensure it meets the needs of patients.

It is hoped a link up between the Woolverstone Wish and Macmillan Cancer Support could provide a significant portion of the money required.

Cheryl Thayer, chairwoman of the Woolverstone Wish, said that increasing privacy and space was vital for the ward.

The �800,000 would be used to either build an extension, a completely new ward or to revamp the current site to maximise space.

To find out how you can support the Woolverstone Wish, visit www.woolverstonewish.org.uk

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