Ipswich: Drug dealer locked up after judge accuses him of lying

Pedram Jazayeri, who has been jailed for drug dealing

Pedram Jazayeri, who has been jailed for drug dealing - Credit: Archant

A drug dealer who travelled to Suffolk from London to sell heroin and cocaine has been locked up for two years after a judge accused him of lying in a bid to reduce his sentence.

Pedram Jazayeri claimed that he had been waved down by someone he knew near the Golden Hind pub in Ipswich and that person had pulled out a sword and threatened to harm his family if he didn’t take two packages of drugs to London.

Sentencing Jazayeri to two years detention in a young offenders’ institution Judge David Goodin said: “I’m entirely confident that everything you said in the witness box is untrue – a lie told by you to bring down to the lowest possible level the prison sentence that must follow.” He said all the evidence indicated that Jazayeri was in the car park of the Golden Hind to deal in class A drugs after coming to Ipswich from London for that purpose.

“People who deal in Class A drugs must expect a severe sentence. That is what the public is entitled to expect,” said Judge Goodin.

Jazayeri, 20, of London, admitted two offences of possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply and a charge of possessing criminal property which related to £1060 found in the glove box of his car.

Michael Crimp, prosecuting told the court Jazayeri’s car was stopped in Ipswich after the landlord of the Golden Hind pub alerted police to suspicious activity in his car park.

Jazayeri gave police a false name and during a drug search a package containing 7g of crack cocaine was found in his bottom and a package containinig 7.8g of heroin was found in his sock.

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Three telephones were also discovered in his possession and texts were found on them which indicated the defendant had been involved in drug dealing.

Jazayeri claimed he had been acting under duress,but after hearing evidence from him Judge Goodin accused him of lying about being threatened in a bid to reduce his sentence.

Judge Goodin made a confiscation order in respect of the £1,060 found in the defendant’s car.

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