Ipswich: Drunk man sprayed own blood around hospital ward

IPSWICH: An accident and emergency patient who abused hospital staff and sprayed his own blood around a ward cubicle could face jail.

Nurses at Ipswich Hospital had to close off an area of A&E after a drunk Phillip Bowman refused treatment for a severed artery in his hand and caused hundreds of pounds of damage to medical equipment and clothing.

The 21-year-old, from Yarmouth Road, Melton, near Woodbridge, was admitted to hospital after cutting his hand on a smashed wine glass, during an argument with his girlfriend on October 23.

South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday how Bowman, who had consumed a litre of wine, refused to get medical attention for the wound, which severed an artery in his finger, but was persuaded to seek treatment by his girlfriend.

When he arrived at Heath Road, shortly after 3am, Bowman turned his aggression on staff and refused to have the injury seen to.

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Prosecutor Lesla Small told the court: “He became abusive and security staff were called to calm him down, but his behaviour continued.

“He was swearing and refusing to stay still. He was waving his arms about and blood was going everywhere.”

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Staff were unable to use any surrounding ward cubicles as Bowman covered staff and medical equipment in his own blood, which saturated a security officer’s stab vest.

When police arrived at the hospital, he was handcuffed and his legs restrained after telling one officer that he was “building up some spit” for them.

A senior nurse told police it was “by far the most disruptive shift” he’d ever worked.

Michael Stephenson, mitigating, said there was no explanation for his client’s behaviour, adding: “He has never been before the court and is deeply ashamed of himself.”

Bowman, who pleaded guilty to criminal damage to the tune of �379.54 and threatening behaviour, was told by District Judge David Cooper that he could face jail when sentenced later this month.

Judge Cooper added: “This was a prolonged incident which really caused havoc.

“I don’t want to rule out custody.”

Bowman was released on unconditional bail until November 22 for pre-sentence reports to be written up.

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