Ipswich: Ed Balls celebrates Labour’s victory in town, blames county council cuts

IPSWICH’s Labour councillors converged on the town’s Cornhill to welcome shadow chancellor of exchequer Ed Balls.

Mr Balls ventured to Ipswich today to congratulate councillors on the success of Thursday’s local election.

He said that it was clear that town residents had responded to issues surrounding cuts to public services by voting Labour.

“We did well across the county, but for us the result in Ipswich was the jewel on the crown,” he said.

“The county council’s plans to cut public services has had a real impact on the people of Ipswich and has inevitably lead to the success of labour party.

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“When Suffolk County Council announced cuts to libraries, to crossing patrols, to our services, people turned to Labour and on seeing the rise of the Labour party, the county council has begun backtracking on its initial proposals.

“We have shown that there is an alternative option and that has been reflected in the ballot boxes on Thursday, not just in Ipswich but across the country.”

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After speaking with local councillors, Mr Balls took a stroll around the town centre to meet with local residents.

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