Ipswich: Fans queue for hours to secure Mumford and Sons tickets

A HANDFUL of Mumford and Sons fans set up camp outside the Regent Theatre overnight to secure tickets for the band’s upcoming show.

Nicola Measelle and Steven Fayers joined the queue at 6am on Friday morning.

Nicola said: “We haven’t seen them before and we really wanted tickets so we thought it was best to get down here early and queue just to make sure.”

Lee Winger arrived at the Regent at 5.30am but the proud father wasn’t getting tickets for himself – instead he was queuing on behalf of his daughters Angelina and Nadia.

Mr Winger said: “One of them finished a late shift at her work last night and the other is at college today so I thought I would get the tickets for them.”

Mumford and Sons will perform at the town centre in November.