Ipswich Film Theatre launches online celebration of top composers

John Williams with Jerry Goldsmith

John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, two of Hollywood's greatest composers, whose work is being celebrated by a special online event hosted by Ipswich Film Theatre - Credit: The Film Music Foundation

The Ipswich Film Theatre may still be closed to the public but it is launching Score Masters, a dazzling online celebration of the music of top film composers John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.

February marks the birth of both John Williams and the late Jerry Goldsmith.

The venue had planned a special weekend of films devoted to the work of both artists but transferred celebrations online with the support of web platforms The Legacy of John Williams and The Goldsmith Odyssey.

John Williams is one of the world’s leading composers thanks to his distinctive scores for the Star Wars movies, Jaws, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, ET, Superman and Jurassic Park while Jerry Goldsmith is best known for his work on Star Trek, The Omen, Planet of the Apes and Total Recall.

The event, available on the Ipswich Film Theatre’s YouTube channel, will feature discussions and contributions from Academy Award-nominated composer David Newman, Grammy® award-winning conductor Leonard Slatkin, legendary music recording engineer Bruce Botnick, known for his work with The Beach Boys and The Doors, as well as both Williams and Goldsmith, soundtrack record producer Michael Matessino, writer and journalist Jeff Bond, composer Leanna Primiani, and pianist/keyboardist Mike Lang, who has worked extensively with both Williams and Goldsmith.

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This exclusive event is available to watch from Monday February 8 at the Ipswich Film Theatre’s YouTube channel as a premiere event. 

IFT director, Daniel Champion, said “We are delighted to launch SCORE MASTERS with such an esteemed panel of award-winning and talented musicians, producers and journalists.

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“This is a treat for anybody interested in the convergence of film and music, and the unique legacy of two of cinema's most accomplished artists.

"Commencing this new strand of programming for the Ipswich Film Theatre with such a respected panel of their creative colleagues is a tremendous honour.”

You can find the Ipswich Film Theatre channel here

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