Ipswich: Heart attack victim seeks Good Samaritans who helped him in hour of need

Martyn Hunt of Ipswich had a heart attack and wants to thanks those who came to his assistance.

Martyn Hunt of Ipswich had a heart attack and wants to thanks those who came to his assistance.

A grateful Ipswich man who suffered a serious heart attack today praised those people who saved his life – and appealed for two Good Samaritans to come forward so he can thank them in person.

Martyn Hunt, who has been the chairman of the Ipswich and District Historical Society for the past 17 years, said he would not be here today were if not for those who comforted him at the scene and the medical staff who treated him.

Mr Hunt had been waiting to capture a picture of a special train which was passing over the Wherstead Road bridge on Saturday morning when he started to feel unwell.

Having previously had two heart attacks in the last five years, he knew what was happening immediately and managed to call for an ambulance on his mobile phone.

The 66-year-old asked another rail enthusiast nearby to stay with him and said he remembers two young people on bikes, possibly in their late teens, who stopped at the scene and comforted him until paramedics arrived.

He was then whisked off to Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire where he had a large stent fitted, and was discharged two days later.

The grandfather-of-six and father-of-two said: “I knew I was having another heart attack, but this was the most serious one.

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“It felt like 10 people were sitting on my chest.

“There was a young man on his bike and a young lady, and they both stayed with me until the ambulance arrived. Youngsters tend to get knocked but these showed up out of the blue and helped me. I want to find out who they are so I can thank them.

“I am lucky to be alive. I am so grateful to the paramedics and hospital staff.

“It was two and a half hours of pain but as soon as I had the stent put it, I was 100% better. They were professionally brilliant and saved my life.”

Mr Hunt is now recovering well at home.

One of his daughters, Sarah Nolan, added: “I was with my mum (Libby) and we got a call to say he was having a heart attack.

“I am so grateful to the people that were there. So many people rush around and don’t stop, but they took the time to care for him.

“Without the help he got from everyone, he would not be here today.”

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