Ipswich: High pollen count causes car grime wave

If you’ve noticed your car becoming more dirty of late you’re not alone.

The Evening Star has received several calls from motorists in recent days complaining that their car windscreens have been covered in a dust-like substance.

Weather experts say that the phenomenon has been caused by a high pollen count which was triggered by the recent warm weather.

And it looks like temperatures are due to rise throughout week – meaning more and more drivers could be reaching for the bucket and sponge.

One driver affected by the problem, James Spencer, of Belstead Avenue, said: “I thought it was just my car that simply got dusty almost as soon as it was dried, and it doesn’t look simply like pollen.

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“But recently I’ve come across this issue in Chatsworth Crescent and Phillip Road.

“It could be an innocent explanation, but I think that if you consider the health risks that come from cement then it would be a good idea for the council to set people’s minds at rest, particularly when we remember the pictures of the clouds of cement that arose from the cement ship.”

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“I’ve already logged an issue with the council and I would encourage others who come across this to do the same.”

Steve Weston, a forecaster at Weatherquest, said: “This problem is not uncommon at this time of year. More pollen is being dropped from trees than usual because of the warm weather and this is combined with topsoil dust being moved by winds from the Sahara.”

The forecast for the week ahead is set to see temperatures rise up to 18 degrees and conditions staying sunny.

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