Ipswich: Holidaymaker returns to find incredible calling card left by owl

THIS stunning outline was left by a disorientated owl after it crashed into the kitchen window of an Ipswich home.

Sharon Clark, 64, and her husband were greeted with the unusual sight when they returned from holiday.

Mrs Clark, of Belstead, said: “I was amazed to discover it.

“We noticed some feathers about so it obviously knocked itself out!

“There are still marks on the window.”

Mrs Clark, who works in photo sales at The Ipswich Star, joked: “It’s funny, I’ve been on the other end of photographs for 30 years and have never really taken any myself, but I had to take a picture of that.

“You could see it so clearly from the inside and the outside.”

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Chris Courtney, group leader of the Ipswich RSPB Local Group, said: “Owls like other birds are unfortunately recorded flying into windows on occasions, although leaving an imprint is rather less common.

“Hopefully, the couple have checked the surrounding area and there is no sign of a corpse. The impact can be fatal.

“Imprints can be formed due to ‘powder down’, fine particles of keratin that are produced in certain avian species to protect growing feathers.

“The most likely species concerned here is the tawny owl – a widespread and fairly common woodland species that sometimes frequents gardens, especially those that are close to woods or copses.

“The other possibility is the larger barn owl, but this is more a bird of open farmland with rough pastures.”

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