Ipswich: I did not tear victim’s hair out in cat fight, defendant tells court

Kimberley Carter

Kimberley Carter - Credit: Archant

ONE of two sisters accused of tearing a clump of a woman’s hair out during a cat fight on a coach has denied assaulting her.

Kimberley Carter, of Cedars Lane, Capel St Mary, told Ipswich Crown Court: “With my hand on my heart I didn’t touch her.”

Sophia England lost a patch of hair during the fight while returning from a girls’ night in London to celebrate the 21st birthday of Carter’s half-sister Danielle.

Carter’s sister Naomi, 29, of Cardigan Street, Ipswich, has admitted actual bodily harm on Miss England. However, Kimberley Carter has denied the charge.

The 24-year-old said the night had been ruined by the behaviour of Miss England and her friend Amy Plowman.

Earlier in the trial it was said there were around 15 women on the coach, although giving evidence Kimberley Carter put the figure at about 20.

The group had been expecting to go into a West End nightclub.

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However, Kimberley Carter said Miss England and Miss Plowman had spoiled things as due to their behaviour the party was not able to get into the club.

Miss Carter said: “They were to blame. We all witnessed Sophia shouting in the queue. They ruined the night.”

The court had previously heard that after an atmosphere festered during the evening, an argument erupted between Naomi Carter and Miss England when everyone had got back on the coach by around 3am.

The pair were at the back of the bus, while Kimberley Carter was at the front when the confrontation occurred.

She said: “Once I heard the argument I turned around and Naomi was standing up. Words were exchanged and Sophia stood up.

“It looked like a fight was about to start. I didn’t reach it until it had already happened. It was, like, seconds.

“It wasn’t just one way. Apparently they both went for each other.”

Kimberley Carter admitted she had told Miss England at one stage “you are lucky to still be on this bus”, due to her behaviour earlier that night.

After the hair was yanked from Miss England’s head Kimberley Carter said Miss England was acting aggressively.

“She was just going crazy, chucking out insults at everybody. I didn’t see her hair being pulled out.”

Kimberley Carter said she was unaware of people laughing when the handful hair was tossed down the coach after Miss England moved to the front of the vehicle following the assault.

In cross-examination prosecutor David Wilson put it to Carter that she was telling a pack of lies to distance herself from her actions. Carter replied: “Not true”.

The incident occurred early on January 22 last year.

The case continues.