Ipswich: Investigation launched after money goes missing from police station

Ipswich Police Station on Civic Drive, Ipswich.

Ipswich Police Station on Civic Drive, Ipswich. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

An investigation has been launched after police lost money handed into them by a member of the public.

Tony Edwards found an amount of cash in the street near Civic Drive police station in Ipswich and quickly handed it in to officers there.

He was given a reference number and told to contact them in 28 days, after which the money would be his if no one claimed it.

Mr Edwards, of Waterloo Road in Ipswich, duly did as requested and was told the money had not been claimed and was his to keep.

However, when an officer went to retrieve it they found nothing but an empty plastic wallet – the money had vanished.

Mr Edwards said: “It just isn’t good enough. If the money has been claimed then surely there must be a record of this on the Civic Drive station log.

“I was advised that according to computer records the money is at Civic Drive police station; it clearly isn’t.”

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Following the realisation the money was not where it should be Suffolk police said: “On December 17, 2013 an amount of cash was handed into Ipswich Police Station in Civic Drive by a member of the public who had found it in the town centre.

“The money was recorded and the finder was given a reference number. He was informed he could return in 28 days to collect it if the owner did not claim it within that period. However, when the finder returned to collect the money it could not be located.

“Police are now working to locate the missing cash, which is believed to have been misplaced.

“The Norfolk and Suffolk Police Joint Professional Standards Department has been informed and is looking into the matter.”

Mr Edwards added he had been contacted by the professional standards department on several occasions since the incident.

Once the money, amounting to £70, is recovered Mr Edwards has said he is going to donate it to Amnesty International.