Ipswich: It’s a rum ole dew - Paul Jewell can’t understand Suffolk folk

IPSWICH: The town’s most popular scouser at present – football manager Paul Jewell – has certainly got tongues wagging on the Portman Road terraces once again.

But the affable Liverpudlian claimed he has found it difficult to understand what the Super Blues fans are going on about.

After taking the reins, Jewell said: “I have to say the people of Ipswich and Suffolk have been really welcoming, really warm.

“People have been really friendly, I just can’t understand what they’re saying, although that might be the other way round, I’m not sure!”

If Jewell’s Scouse accent is getting lost in translation in the Portman Road dressing room, there hasn’t been any evidence of misunderstandings on the pitch.

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The former Wigan and Derby gaffer has guided Town well away from the Championship relegation zone which they were flirting with before his arrival.

But just in case some messages aren’t getting through to him – we thought we’d give Mr Jewell a helping hand.

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Suffolk-based entertainer Charlie Haylock has spent several years studying the local dialect and thinks he can help ‘outsiders’ get to grips with the lingo.

The 64-year-old said: “The trouble we have is that the Suffolk accent isn’t promoted enough.

“If you switch on the TV you’ll see soaps based in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Yorkshire – but you never hear an East Anglian accent.

“It’s little wonder that someone like Mr Jewell comes down here and probably thinks he’s landed in a foreign country.

“The dialect here is still strong and shows little sign of completely dying out. However, with practice and patience it can be easily picked up.”

Mr Haylock, an avid Town fan, said there are a number of methods that Mr Jewell could use to get a better idea of what people are saying.

He added: “We talk a lot slower around here so the trick for the listener is to be patient at all times.

“If you’re talking to someone face to face then look at their facial expressions – they can give a lot away. And also remember that just because we talk slower we’re just as quick-witted as others.”

Mr Haylock said he had been impressed with Jewell since he took over from fiery Irishman Roy Keane.

He said: “I had my doubts about Mr Jewell initially because his managerial record is mixed, to say the least. “But he has won me over.

“He’s an intelligent, personable guy and he’s got the team playing with endeavour again.”

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