Ipswich: ITFC embarrassed after Canary Grant Holt appears on club website

IPSWICH Town fans who logged on to the club’s new website were shocked to see their great rivals Norwich City’s star striker Grant Holt among this season’s playing staff roster.

But Town fans would have certainly seen yellow when they explored the new website which went live a few days ago.

They will have been left wondering why the image of striker Grant Holt was in amongst those of Ipswich players. Not to mention the Norwich adverts which also appeared over the weekend.

Jonathon Ogle, digital media editor at Ipswich Town, has been left embarrassed by the problems, but he claimed they were down to Sapient, the company which created the website.

“It couldn’t get much worse really than having Norwich on there”, he said.

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Mr Ogle explained how the new website was being rolled out across Football League clubs, adding that the dummy site was on Norwich City FC.

He said he had worked very hard adding content to the new website, getting it in a position to go live, but over the weekend a lot of the content vanished and Norwich City content from the dummy site began popping up.

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He said other Football League clubs had also been affected in the same way.

Mr Ogle said: “It’s the provider’s fault and we have asked them to get it sorted. Obviously it doesn’t look good.”

He added: “We think most fans with common sense know we are not going to be stupid enough to put Norwich on the website.”

A spokesman for the Football League said: “This is a huge project, both in scale and in complexity and will see 86 brand new official club websites being launched within a matter of weeks.

“Many of the new sites have been well received and they will deliver a vastly improved offering to the seven million supporters that use them on a regular basis. As with any project of this size it is inevitable that there will be some initial teething problems to overcome, both in terms of the technical issues faced and with the need to give additional training to club staff on the more advanced content management system that is being used.

“This work is already in hand and is deliberately being conducted during the close season and Olympics when the demands on club websites will be significantly reduced.

“We are very confident that supporters will begin to see an improved service in the near future and we’re grateful for their patience during the changeover period.”

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