Ipswich: Knife man ‘Tasered’ outside Liquid after he phoned police

Jordan pleaded guilty before Ipswich magistrates

Jordan pleaded guilty before Ipswich magistrates - Credit: Archant

A man brandishing a knife outside an Ipswich nightspot had to be ‘Tasered’ after he phoned police threatening to stab someone “up”.

Daniel Jordan, of Wilberforce Street, Ipswich, told police they should go to Liquid in Cardinal Park as he would be taking a knife with him.

Now the 28-year-old faces an uncertain future after his case was committed to crown court following his guilty plea to possession of a knife.

Ipswich magistrates were told Jordan made a telephone call to police at around 3.30am on Tuesday.

Prosecutor David Bryant said: “He wanted to know whether a particular person was in custody. If police didn’t have him he would go to Liquid and ‘stab them up’. He said police should attend as he would take a knife with him.”

The recipient of the call thought Jordan sounded drunk at the time.

At 3.35am a police constable in a car saw Jordan outside the nightclub doors. As the officer drew closer he could see a knife in Jordan’s left hand, the court was told.

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The officer got out of his vehicle and told Jordan to drop the knife.

Jordan looked directly at him, raised the knife to waist height and walked towards him.

Mr Bryant said when Jordan was about 6ft away, the officer deployed his Taser. Jordan then fell to the ground. Magistrates heard after his arrest he told officers: “They were trying to stitch my mate up”.

The court was told although Jordan had previous convictions, he had none which were of a similar nature.

Jordan was last before the court in December last year when he was given a community order, which he was still under at the time of his latest offence.

As part of the order Jordan was to undertake an alcohol treatment requirement.

Dino Barricella, representing Jordan, said although his client gave ‘no comment’ answers during his police interview it was because he had not got an innocent explanation or defence. However, Jordan had submitted his guilty plea promptly when he came before the court.

Mr Barricella added: “There’s no suggestion whatsoever he was inside the nightclub, nor has he used the weapon or threatened anyone.”

The magistrates committed Jordan’s case to Ipswich Crown Court as they felt their sentencing powers were insufficient.

Jordan was released on conditional bail until his sentencing at a date still to be set.