Ipswich: Masked raiders poured scalding tea over man, held scissors to his throat and smashed vase over his head, court told

Ipswich Crown Court

Ipswich Crown Court

A ROBBERY victim has told how scalding tea was poured over his head and scissors were held to his throat when his flat was raided by masked raiders.

Christopher Johnson told a jury at Ipswich Crown Court one of the men involved was his daughter’s former boyfriend Ethan Evans, of Lanark Road, Ipswich.

However, the 22-year-old denies the robbery, during which jewellery, watches, cash, cannabis, a set of car keys, and a Ford Fiesta were stolen.

Mr Johnson also said he was kicked, punched and had a vase smashed over his head during the attack which happened at around 4pm on October 27 in Bloomfield Street.

The court heard that although the flat’s front door was shut, it was left unlocked so his daughter Zoe could get in.

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Mr Johnson said he heard the door open very slightly and assumed it was his daughter.

While one man stood guard at the door Mr Johnson then saw the other robbers who had hoods on, scarves covering their faces, and were wearing gloves.

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Mr Johnson said: “It was really horrific what happened to me.

“Three of them burst through the lounge door. Two jumped over the settee and started to pummel into me.

“Then Ethan Evans went to the kitchen. The other two came over and kicked me, smashed a fire extinguisher and glass vase over my head. They also burned my head by pouring a scalding hot cup of tea (over it). They then dragged me out of the chair and smashed my head against a wall.”

Mr Johnson said his attackers then proceeded to smash up the flat.

The jury heard a pair of scissors was also held to Mr Johnson’s throat during the incident.

Mr Johnson said his assailants were screaming and shouting, and asking where the money, jewellery and “weed” were kept.

He said he recognised Evans because at one point the scarf fell from the face of one of the men.

The court was told Mr Johnson also recognised his voice and the clothes he was wearing.

Mr Johnson said: “It stopped suddenly. They actually brought in a bowl of water and were going to drown me. At that point I believe they got a bit spooked and (said) ‘let’s go’.”

The jury heard the man said to be Evans grabbed the keys to Mr Johnson’s car and left, before the robbers drove off in it.

The Fiesta was later found burned out.

The trial continues.

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