Ipswich: MP joins police on patrol on a busy night in town

AN Ipswich MP got a taste of what life is like patrolling the streets of Ipswich on one of the busiest nights of the year.

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP, Dr Dan Poulter took to the streets with Suffolk police on Friday to see how officers ensure the town centre is as safe and peaceful as possible.

He told The Star: “It was a busy night. There were a lot of Christmas parties going on with people leaving them – as well as a lot of younger people who are out more often quite late at the weekend.

“But it was good to see that the police were working well to keep things calm – and I think that is why the town has a thriving night-time economy.

“The Purple Flag award recognises that the town has done much to make it a safe place for a night out, and it was heartening to see how well that is working – the Best Bar None awards also recognise that.”

Dr Poulter spent several hours with the police, and only saw one incident outside a bar that could have developed into a difficult situation.

“There was a bit of an argument and some raised voices.

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“It could have turned nasty but it soon calmed down and everyone went off all right,” he added.

On Friday night there were 31 officers – including six special constables – patrolling the streets of the town centre.