Ipswich: Multi Off Licence in Upper Orwell Street stripped of licence

Offf licence

Offf licence - Credit: PA

An Ipswich off-licence has had its licence revoked following concerns raised by Suffolk Police and Ipswich Borough Council.

Multi Off Licence has 21 days to appeal following the ruling at a licensing hearing on July 5.

The store, in Upper Orwell Street, was subject to 13 breaches of the premises licence between January 2012 and March 2013.

They included the failure to record, retain and supply CCTV footage to police, an absence of training records and a refusals register. The failure to provide CCTV on one occasion directly led to an offence at the premises remaining undetected by police.

Cllr Neil MacDonald, Deputy Leader of IBC said “While we are encouraged by the majority of traders, who act responsibly, this decisive action shows that we will not tolerate any breaches of licence conditions.”

A 21-day appeal period is now in place following the revocation of the licence.