Ipswich: Mum of two found dead at home after consuming drugs and alcohol

A police officer outside the home in Hogarth Road where Jade Bagley's body was discovered by her boy

A police officer outside the home in Hogarth Road where Jade Bagley's body was discovered by her boyfriend - Credit: Archant

An Ipswich mother-of-two was found dead at her home after consuming a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, an inquest has heard.

Jade Bagley’s boyfriend made the devastating discovering at the Hogarth Road address on March 13.

Giving evidence at the inquest, held at Ip-City in Bath Street on Friday, Det Insp Andrew Footer of Suffolk police said the 24-year-old had arrived at a neighbour’s property in a “drunk and distressed state”.

He said: “Jade had been in town that day and arrived at another house on Hogarth Road in a drunk and distressed state.

“She was taken home from that house by four people who contacted her boyfriend and he found her there later.

“However the ambulance wasn’t called until several hours after she arrived home.”

Distressed members of Miss Bagley’s family questioned whether those hours could have made a difference, asking whether Jade’s death could have been prevented had medical help arrived sooner.

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Det Insp Footer added: “If she had been taken to hospital at the time she first felt ill it might have been different, but because of the amount of drugs in her system that may not have been the case.”

Three people were arrested on suspicion of supplying controlled substances but while drugs paraphanalia was found during a serch of the house, no illegal drugs were discovered at the time.

The fourth person was never identified and the three arrested faced no charges or further police action.

Det Insp Footer said that although Miss Bagley took drugs during the afternoon they could have already been in her system by the time she arrived at Hogarth Road.

Senior coroner for Suffolk Dr Peter Dean said: “Obviously the drugs were supplied by someone but the police don’t have anough evidence to discover who but it is clear that Jade took these drugs and it is also clear that her death was caused by the complications of this.

“I am going to record a narrative verdict that she died from complications following drug use.

“In these circumstances it highlights the risks assocaited with drug taking and the only safe course of action if anyone is in the presence of somone who has taken drugs is to summon medical assistance. Early intervention is always preferable.”

Miss Bagley’s family were too distressed to comment.