Ipswich: Mum’s spit hit officer in face during arrest

A MOTHER-of-two had to have a “spithood” put over her head while she was arrested after a special constable was hit in the face by spittle, a court heard.

Kelly Hirst, of Chaser Close, Ipswich, was ordered to pay �50 compensation to the volunteer police officer after a hen night fracas outside the Robert Ransome pub near the Tower Ramparts bus station.

Sentencing Hirst at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court District Judge Celia Dawson told her: “It was disgraceful, wasn’t it? The policeman was only trying to do his job.”

However, she added: “I accept you are thoroughly ashamed now.”

Hirst, who had no previous convictions, was on the verge of tears during the hearing, in which she admitted being drunk and disorderly and assault.

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The court heard she was drunk at the time of the incident, and had subsequently written a letter of apology to the officer.

Prosecutor Tess Mann told the court the incident occurred at 12.45am on August 12.

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Police were called to the Robert Ransome pub and were trying to arrest a man, one of Hirst’s relations, who was shouting and swearing. Although the 29-year-old was told not to get involved, she intervened and was abusive.

A struggle ensued during her arrest and she was taken to the ground by police.

The court heard that, as the struggle continued, Hirst spat and the spittle made contact with the officer’s face, although she had not meant to hit him.

Mrs Mann said a ‘spithood’ was put over Hirst’s head to stop spit landing on anyone else.

Asked if she had anything to say in mitigation Hirst told the court: “I feel terrible. I felt terrible the day afterwards.”

In addition to the compensation, Hirst was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay �85 costs.

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