Ipswich: Murder accused “feared for his life”

A PORT worker accused of stabbing an Ipswich man to death told police he feared for his life after his alleged victim tried to stab him in the chest with a knife

During interviews following his arrest Sebastian Kornjaca claimed that Lee Jackson had grabbed hold of his ankles while he was on a staircase at a block of flats in Chesterton Close, Ipswich and had started slashing at his ankles causing a cut on one and grazes on the other.

He claimed Mr Jackson had then slashed at his hand and wrist and tried to stab him in the chest.

Kornjaca told police he had grabbed the knife which resulted in a laceration on his hand. “If I hadn’t put my hand in the way it would have gone in my chest,” he said in a statement read to the court.

“I started thrashing about. I feared for my life,” he said.

Kornjaca, 22, of St Anthony’s Crescent, Ipswich, denies murdering Mr Jackson.

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