Ipswich: Oops, she’s done it again - husband lambasts six-times ‘wed’ bigamist

IPSWICH: Bigamist Emily Horne’s only legal husband today branded her a “stupid girl” after she reportedly ‘married’ for a sixth time.

The 33-year-old – who lived in Hervey Street and Wallace Road while she was in Ipswich – is said to have ‘wed’ bigamously for the fifth time to a police officer in America after dumping her previous fianc�e.

Paul Rigby, who married Horne the day after her 18th birthday, but is still trying to divorce her, said: “She’s a very stupid girl.

“All she had to do was pull her finger out and get divorced then all this would have been left behind her and she could have had a new life a long, long time ago.

“I feel pity for the lads who are involved in this. I’m sorry they have ended up coming across her and they have my sympathy. Good luck to them. They are going to need it.

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“I believe she is just going to keep on and on and on. I think she’s craving something she lost or something she never had. She likes the thrill of the chase, but when she catches someone there’s no fun in it.

“Deep down she is missing something within her life.”

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Ms Horne is now said to be living in Wareham in Dorset. Mr Rigby said he is thrilled she has been tracked down as he has been looking for her for a number of years in order to obtain a divorce.

Nationally, it was reported this week that Ms Horne had married Fred Miller in Pittsburgh, USA, after flirting with him online.

However, in doing so, it was said she left her previous beau Stuart Allen, of Lancashire, in the lurch.

Miss Horne is understood to have used the name Max Accastes-Quierberon when she married at Pittsburgh City Hall last October.

Mr Miller is now said to be seeking an annulment after discovering Ms Horne’s background.

When asked about the situation Ms Horne, a former glamour model, is reported to have said: “I am a Jezebel again. I am never going to be left in peace.”

She also claimed she had tried to divorce Mr Rigby, but had failed to trace him.

Ms Horne ‘married’ train guard James Matthews, 34, at St Thomas the Apostle Church in Bramford Lane, Ipswich, before leaving him for one of his friends.

Using the name Amileannya Carmichael at the time, it was her third bigamous marriage for which she received a six-month jail term at Ipswich Crown Court in 2004 where Judge Peter Thompson described her as a “very predatory female”.

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