Ipswich: ‘Roadworks having damaging impact on local community’

A LETTER from Julian Swainson:

Thank you for drawing attention to the impact on the local community caused by Suffolk County Council’s decision to carry out very noisy roadworks in central Ipswich in the early hours.

However it is unfortunate that rather than looking at the real issue for Ipswich residents your article sought to focus on me.

Parts of Ipswich have been forested with traffic cones for many weeks now, often with little or no actual work taking place in the many areas now excluded to public and vehicle access. This chaos is presumably managed by Suffolk County Council as the relevant highway authority.

I have heard many people express concern about the management of these highway works and their damaging impact on the local community. I hope my comments encourage a public debate about the high-handed and out-of-touch attitude of Tory Suffolk County Councillors who say that the views of the residents they claim to represent are of ‘no value’.

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In difficult times a lot of our money is being spent on these works and we have a right to hold those in charge to account for their actions.

Julian Swainson

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Our report about Mr Swainson’s Tweet contained some inaccuracies. Specifically, we have been asked to make it clear that Mr Swainson was not referring to Suffolk County Council officials when he used the word “cretins.” We are happy to clarify this and we are sorry for any confusion caused.

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