Landowners unhappy as hopes for social housing in Martlesham Heath shelved

Hopes for new social housing in Martlesham Heath will go unfulfilled after key groups were unable to reach a decision over site access.

Landowners from the Lasting Dreams Limited group, who own a plot close to Horseman Court in Martlesham Heath, were hoping to sell it to local provider Orwell Housing.

They wanted it to be used to provide social housing in the area.

However, the proposed development would be next to an existing social housing complex, owned by Sanctuary Housing.

And to build the new site, access would have to be granted via the existing estate.

Currently, the empty plot of land next door is only accessible by a gate at the end of the road.

Director of Lasting Dreams Limited, Margaret Jones, said they had been hopeful of selling the land on, for it to be used for social housing.

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She claims access to the site and the road – which is also looked after by Sanctuary Housing – had been denied because of a right of way issue.

Ms Jones said she was disappointed with the group’s reaction to the plans, particularly with regards to her concerns over the lack of available social housing.

“I have been speaking to charities,” she added, “and the need in Ipswich is as great as in the north east.”

Representatives from the Sanctuary Group said the decision had been made to look after people currently living in the area.

In particular, they claimed the building process would cause disruption to those in the Horseman Court area – and that it would impact on a car park designated for residents.

“We completed a full review of the proposal to request a right of way over Horseman Court,” said a Sanctuary spokesman.

“Due to the detrimental impact it may have on the lives of our residents living there, we declined this request.”

A spokesperson for Orwell Housing said the company had looked into building in the area around three years ago, but that they were no longer considering the plans.

They added that if the situation were to change in regards to access at the site, then they may reconsider.

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