Ipswich: Supporter in Keane row: ‘I’m entitled to my opinion’

IPSWICH: A stalwart Blues fan has described the moment he confronted Roy Keane – and got a response!

Season ticket holder Mervyn Collen was so incensed after Ipswich Town’s 1-0 defeat against Nottingham Forest on Bank Holiday Monday that as the Irishman walked from the dug-out he decided to voice his disappointment.

Mr Collen claims that Mr Keane gestured back before his assistant Ian McParland stepped in.

Mr Collen, a taxi driver, who was at the match with his sons, said: “As Roy Keane walked off I shouted to him ‘how much longer is this going to go on for?’”

He claims Mr Keane then made a hand gesture, like a chatter box, and said that Mr McParland made a comment to him before they both left.

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“I was confronted by one of the stewards but I told him that I hadn’t done anything wrong. It’s not as if I ran on to the pitch or anything like that.”

Defending his right to voice his anger over the team’s losing streak, Mr Collen added: “I’ve been watching Ipswich for over 20 years now. In my opinion if you pay your money you’re entitled to have your say and people should take that on the chin.

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“I have nothing personal against Mr Keane I just don’t think he’s the man for the job. What happened on Monday was the result of me seeing a series of poor performances.”

Ipswich Town Football Club did not wish to comment.

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