Ipswich: Teenager’s robbery lies led to him and drug dealers ending up in court


Cannabis - Credit: Archant

A HAPLESS teenager has been spared jail after getting two drug dealers arrested by lying to police about being a victim of a robbery.

Dominic Richardson, of Rosehill Road, Ipswich, owed one of the men money for cannabis and sold his family’s laptop to him to pay the debt.

To explain the missing computer the 18-year-old then claimed he had been robbed.

This led to the dealer and an accomplice being arrested when they tried to sell the laptop at a shop in Ipswich town centre.

During Richardson’s sentencing Judge Rupert Overbury said: “The defendant unwittingly brought two criminals to book in a perverse sort of way.”

Neil Saunders, mitigating for Richardson who admitted perverting the course of justice and supplying cannabis, said: “He’s probably more frightened of his mother, which is why he makes up this ridiculous story.

“Once it had been embarked upon he felt he couldn’t withdraw. He had absolutely no idea of the consequences.”

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Earlier prosecutor Patricia Doggett said on June 20 last year Richardson told police his laptop had been stolen and drew the officer’s attention to a light scratch on his neck which was consistent with his account of what had happened.

The college student also appeared shocked, upset and angry.

After circulating the details to shops police received a call from one of them stating two men had tried to sell a computer staff thought might be stolen.

This led to the men being arrested.

Miss Doggett said: “The picture that emerged was the defendant had owed some money to one of the men in respect of some drug dealing, and to discharge the debt he had handed the laptop to the man.”

The court was told the dealer even gave some money to Richardson as the value of the laptop exceeded that of the debt.

The two drug dealers subsequently pleaded guilty to supplying cannabis. One was given a suspended sentence and 200 hours unpaid work. The other received a community penalty.

Richardson received six months detention, suspended for 12 months. He was also given a nine-month curfew from 7pm to 7am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.