Ipswich: Terror as four masked men attack shop staff

BRANDISHING a Taser-like device, a baseball bat and wooden stick, a gang of four masked men attacked shop staff as they closed up on Hallowe’en night.

Staff at the Pick ‘N’ Pay convenience store in Queen’s Way, off Nacton Road, were outside when they spotted four youths approaching them from the Shackleton Road direction.

Two of the would-be thieves were wearing masks, similar to those pictured, while another was wearing a darker mask and the fourth man wore a scarf wrapped around his face.

Shop owner Prashant Shah said he was attacked with a Taser-like device while one of his employees was hit with a baseball bat as the group demanded money.

He said rather than hurt the shock “tickled him”.

“Two of them came at us from behind and the other two from the side,” said the 28-year-old, who has owned the shop for the last four years.

“They tasered me, it was a shock but it felt more like they were trying to tickle me.

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“I turned around and then felt a blow to my arm. That hurt more than the Taser.

“That is when I realised what was happening – until then I thought it was all a joke.”

Mr Shah screamed out, as one of his employees was hit with a baseball bat.

Seeking shelter from their attackers, the trio ran back inside the shop.

At that point, Mr Shah said the youths fled empty-handed in the direction they had come from. Describing the gang as “amateurish”, Mr Shah said it could have been “much worse”.

“I was obviously very concerned for my staff,” he added.

“If they had a stronger Taser it could have been much worse.

“We have never had trouble at the shop before and this will not deter us. We are open as usual.”

Police officers and paramedics were called to the scene. Mr Shah and his colleagues were treated for minor injuries, including scratches and bruises.