Ipswich: Three years behind bars for Max Walker, man who tried to claim refund on stolen nightie from Ann Summers

Max Walker

Max Walker - Credit: Archant

A drug addict who committed a string of offences to get money to feed his habit has been locked up for three years.

Jailing 24-year-old Max Walker Ipswich Crown Court judge John Holt said he had stolen items that he could sell quickly to get cash to buy heroin.

Homeless Walker admitted handling stolen goods, three thefts, battery, burglary and having an article with a blade and asked for six offences of burglary and theft involving property worth £1,000 to be considered.

The court heard that last month Walker was involved in a burglary at McColls convenience store in Maidenhall Green, Ipswich during which tobacco was stolen.

Walker had escaped from the scene of the burglary on a bike and when he was arrested nearby police found £1,000 worth of tobacco in two bags.

He was also found in possession of a locknife.

The offence of handling stolen goods related to a baby doll nightie that Walker took back to Ann Summers for a refund after it was stolen during a Christmas Eve burglary.

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Walker was caught on CCTV in Ann Summers shop in Westgate Street, Ipswich, asking for money back for a Knickerbox Lola Navy Baby Doll Set which had cost £18.

The burglary took place in Ipswich some time between 12.30am and 7.30am on Christmas Eve.

During the break-in items which the householder had purchased as Christmas gifts were stolen.

When the woman woke up she found that someone had entered her home and had taken the baby doll nightie set and some wipes. They had been left in a bag with a receipt.

Walker had gone to Ann Summers the same morning and asked for a refund as he gave the items to a cashier.

He filled in a form to acknowledge receipt of the refund and signed it Sean St Clair, giving an address in Leiston.

When police went to the shop after the break-in they checked the store’s CCTV. Walker was identified by an officer.

The shop assistant told an officer she thought it seemed a bit strange as after giving a Leiston address, Walker left the store and got on a bicycle before riding off.

At the time Walker was already on bail awaiting sentencing for stealing meat to the value of £5.98 and common assault.

The assault occurred when Walker pushed a woman to the ground who was trying to detain him as he was taking the meat from an Aldi store.

When police arrived at the store to arrest him he said he had a £400 drug debt to pay off.

Steven Dyble for Walker said the offences had happened at a time when Walker was homeless and was mixing with people who used heroin.

He said that prior to the offences before the court Walker had stayed out of trouble for 15 months following his release from his last prison sentence.