Ipswich: Thug admits attack which left victim with pierced liver

IPSWICH: A violent thug is today facing the prospect of a long jail term after a 55-year-old man was stabbed as he was dragged from bed at his Chantry home.

Ricky Mutton, of Montgomery Road, Ipswich, pleaded guilty at Ipswich Crown Court to wounding with intent to do Colin Woods grievous bodily harm.

The 23-year-old appeared in court in handcuffs after an application from security staff before his “mention” hearing.

The court heard Mutton, who is serving a jail term for another matter, had tried to escape at his previous sentencing.

Judge Rupert Overbury said: “On sentencing he struggled in the dock and tried to vault it.”

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He added that security firm G4S had made the application because of Mutton’s unpredictable nature and to ensure safety in the court.

Asked by the judge if he had any objection, Noel Casey, counsel for Mutton, described the application as “irresistible”.

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Mutton was one of two people involved in the attack on Mr Woods at his flat in Bittern Close, Ipswich.

Mr Woods sustained a pierced liver when he was stabbed twice during what was alleged to be a burglary.

He also had to have eight stitches in a head injury, which he suffered during the incident. In addition Mr Woods was tied up during the break-in.

He was assaulted early on March 25 while watching television in bed. Although he had heard a noise in the property, he originally thought it had been caused by his cat.

When his attackers finally left the flat, Mr Woods raised the alarm after managing to untie himself before going to a neighbour’s house.

As well as being handcuffed, Mutton was flanked by three security guards in the dock yesterday with another officer sitting in the public gallery as a precaution.

Before Mutton was led away Judge Overbury told him: “It’s an extremely serious offence for which the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.”

Another man, Darren Hilling, 21, formerly of Wellington Street, Ipswich has also admitted his involvement in the attack on Mr Woods.

Both Mutton and Hilling are currently in custody.

The pair will re-appear in Ipswich Crown Court for another hearing in connection with the attack in Bittern Close on November 19.

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