Ipswich Town: Drawing of mascot Bluey stuck over huge Michael Chopra banner at rail station

A drawing of town mascot Bluey has been cut and pasted over the Michael Chopra poster at Ipswich rai

A drawing of town mascot Bluey has been cut and pasted over the Michael Chopra poster at Ipswich rail station - Credit: Archant

People going through Ipswich train station will get a shock when they look above the ticket counter.

A picture of mascot Bluey has been cut and pasted over former Town striker Michael Chopra’s head on the poster.

The front-man himself, now playing for Blackpool, has reacted to the changes.

On social networking site Twitter he said: “(I) don’t care I’m not an Ipswich Town player no more don’t know why the Ipswich fans still have a need to talk about me #imgone.”

Blues fans have also taken to Twitter as they travel to see their team play Queens Park Rangers this afternoon.

Cameron Laws said: “The temporary Ipswich train station hahahahaha, sticking Bluey over Michael Chopra’s head #ITFC.”

Ali Stafford added: “Good to see Ipswich train station have finally removed Michael Chopra from the wall (well, sort of!) #ITFC.”

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The ‘This is Ipswich’ poster is meant to welcome home and away fans to the town before they make their way to Portman Road.

But last month it was revealed how the poster was set to remain with the controversial front man’s photo in place while the club worked out how to replace it.

Club officials have said the changes were only “temporary” and were meant to be “a bit of fun”.

ITFC’s media manager Steve Pearce said the poster was designed to “provoke conversation”.

He said: “We are working on a generic image to represent the football club - whether that is a stadium shot or an historic shot - we do not know at this stage.

“We wanted to get something out there as soon as possible. This was a little bit of fun, it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

“We know it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.”

He said the club’s underlying message is to encourage youngsters and families to Portman Road.

On Tuesday the club is holding an open day for young Blues fans from 10am.

A recent survey done by the EADT and Ipswich Star saw 31% of people want an ‘historical Ipswich figure’ to have replaced Chopra on the poster.

Town boss Mick McCarthy came second (18%) and third was Tommy Smith (17%).