Rare footage shows Town's FA Cup win from a different view

Ipswich Town captain Mick Mills, left, and Roger Osborne, who scored the winning goal against Arsena

New footage has resurfaced of Ipswich Town's FA Cup win in 1978 - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Alternative footage of Ipswich Town's FA Cup win in 1978 has been shared online. 

The video shared by Twitter user Steve who runs the account The Road to Wembley (FA Cup Finals 1923 - 2000), showed the Tractor Boys in action against Arsenal. 

The clip has been viewed over 10,000 times and was taken from a fixed camera position at the old Wembley Stadium. 

Though grainy, the footage shows the chances put forward by the both the Blues and the Gunners before the deadlock was broken by Roger Osborne in the 77th minute. 

The final moments of the clip show the aftermath of the goal and the joy of the Ipswich Town fans in the moments after the final whistle blew. 

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