Fans’ shock as police ‘drew batons’ at Peterborough rail disturbance

Police pictured at Peterborough railway station on Saturday, where there was a reported disturbance

Police pictured at Peterborough railway station on Saturday, where there was a reported disturbance said to have involved Norwich City, Newcastle United and Ipswich Town fans. Blues supporters say no Town fans were involved in causing trouble. Picture: BRIAN SCOTT - Credit: Archant

Passengers have spoken of their horror as police reportedly “drew batons” during a large disturbance said to involve football supporters from a number of clubs at Peterborough railway station following Town’s game at Posh.

However Blues fans say no Town supporters were among the troublemakers during the incident following Saturday's game, which involved 250 fans and resulted in seven arrests.

The British Transport Police (BTP), which has not confirmed which clubs those involved in the disturbance supported, said they were called to the Cambridgeshire railway station at 7.50pm.

People on Twitter revealed how they saw police officers swarm the station because of clashes between football supporters, with reports originally suggesting that Norwich City, Newcastle United and Ipswich Town fans were involved.

"Officers quickly attended alongside colleagues from Cambridgeshire Police and seven men were arrested on suspicion of breaching the peace," a BTP spokesman said.

One witness, Brian Scott, who was returning from the Leeds area, described a group of fans who "rushed towards" a train.

He and others say police later held the train leaving at 7.50pm at the platform.

"The train was packed with Ipswich supporters returning home from the 2-2 draw with the Posh," said Mr Scott, who photographed officers surrounding the doors of the train.

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"I didn't see any hooligans or any trouble from the Ipswich fans."

He said police "even drew batons and looked ready for some serious confrontation".

He added: "Even I felt scared at the back of the train. Not by the altercation between the fans, but by seeing the police with batons drawn as though they were just about to open the rear carriage door and come in. That was the scary thing."

An Ipswich supporter on the train aged in his 60s, who asked to remain nameless, said: "I was rather perturbed that they had their batons drawn.

"I couldn't believe what I saw. I would've thought that to the average person, it would've been quite scary.

"What I don't understand is why the train was held. All I saw was tired people who wanted to go home.

"I'm having second thoughts about going to games like these."

Mark Ramsay, chairman of the Ipswich Town Supporters' Club, said all the reports he had received were that Blues fans were in "good spirits" but that their behaviour was "exemplary" throughout the day.

"I can't imagine this problem was caused by our supporters," he said.