Ipswich: Traffic gridlock in town after car crash

COMMUTERS faced traffic gridlock in Ipswich this evening after a car crashed into a building near the docks.

Police closed off part of the one-way system from Fore St to College Street, after a vehicle smashed into Waterfront House around 4.45pm.

It meant delays for rush hour traffic, with long queues reported along Grimwade Street and Bishop’s Hill, heading into Ipswich.

The impact of the crash severed a gas pipe and the building’s 65 workers had to be evacuated.

Police also cordoned off Coprolite Street for around an hour, stopping workers and residents getting to other buildings on Wherry Quay. But pedestrians were allowed through around 6pm after fire crews entered the building and turned off the gas supply.

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The one-way system was reopened to traffic around 8.15pm.

Paul Whittingham, of Ashton Graham Solicitors, who operate from Waterfront House, said: “My desk is on the roadside and I heard a smash and felt the building move. There was the sound of breaking glass too.

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“One or of us went down to have a look, you could smell the gas.

“He [the drive of the vehicle] is talking to the police at the moment, but he claimed he skidded coming round the corner and ploughed into the building.”

Police said the driver of the silver sports car was unhurt in the incident.

Nigel Read, manager of Country Life Stoves, said the traffic problems had been worsened by the new junction at Fore Street and Duke Street.

He said the removal of the roundabout meant traffic in Duke Street could no longer turn right into Fore Hamlet, and vice-versa, to escape hold-ups on the one-way system.

He added: “With the roundabout it worked like clockwork. Now with the traffic lights there’s going to be a nasty accident soon.”

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