Ipswich: Transport finance cleared to allow new road network to be completed

: The Department for Transport has finally agreed the transfer of �18million to allow work improving transport around the town to get under way.

Ipswich Fit for the 21st Century is aimed at improving transport links in and around the town centre – especially for public transport operators, cyclists and pedestrians.

The whole scheme is expected to cost �21m with �18m coming from Whitehall.

Work on some parts of the scheme has already started.

But the major changes are expected to be introduced over the next 18 months.

The largest single change will be the replacement of the Princes Street/Civic Drive roundabout with new traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer looked forward to the money becoming available: “This will make transport in and around the town much better. The introduction of new computer controls should make it much easier to drive into town along Bishop’s Hill.

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“But no one should think that life will be easy while the work is being done – I hope people are kept up to date with what is happening.”