Ipswich travel agent staying just miles from scene of Tunisian terror attack makes tearful call home

The beach scene in Tunisia following the shooting - Tunisia TV1 via AP

The beach scene in Tunisia following the shooting - Tunisia TV1 via AP - Credit: ap

Suffolk travel agent Charlotte Foulger has made contact from Tunisia to reassure friends and colleagues that she and her boyfriend are safe after today’s beach shooting.

Andrea Powell, owner of Idelo Travel on Saint Nicholas Street, Ipswich, has confirmed that her colleague is currently holidaying in the Port El Kantaoui neighbourhood of Sousse, but is safe and well.

Miss Foulger, aged 20, flew out to the tourist resort for a 10-day holiday with her boyfriend on Wednesday. They are staying just three miles from the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, where gunman shot dead 27 holidaymakers at lunchtime.

Thankfully, not long after the news had spread, Miss Foulger phoned home and also spoke to her boss.

Mrs Powell said: “She phoned me up in tears. She said ‘I have got to come home’.

“I said ‘stay strong, you are fine and we will get you home’.

“We are getting her flights and transfers arranged.”

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Speaking of the moment she heard of the shootings, Mrs Powell added: “The fact that I had a staff member out in that area...I really thought it was her hotel. I was numb.

“She’s only been with me a couple of weeks but she’s part of our team and I just knew she would be absolutely in bits.”

She added: “It’s a difficult situation, you can’t get everybody home straight away, you can’t automatically charter a plane.”

Miss Foulger is now due to fly back to England on Sunday.

Ms Powell added that Idelo Travel do not currently have any other customers staying in Tunisia.

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