Ipswich: Two men jailed for robbing woman security guard outside Asda

TWO men are today beginning jail terms after robbing a female security guard outside a superstore in the middle of the day.

Jordan Bernard, 19, and Nico Hurd, 21, both of Ipswich, were sentenced after taking a cash box from the guard outside Asda in Stoke Park Drive in July.

The security guard was knocked over as the cash box was wrenched from her hands but she was unhurt. The cash box was later recovered by officers.

Sentencing the pair on Wednesday, Judge John Devaux said: “Of course it makes it no better for her or for you [Bernard and Hurd] that this was the second time she had been the victim of this kind of offence.”

Mitigating for Bernard, of Neath Drive, Andrew Thompson, told the court: “It is almost inexplicable why he became involved in this offence.

“There doesn’t seem to be a simple explanation. He was only 18 at the time of the offence.

“He comes from an extremely supportive and respectable family and it came at a period of time where his associates became less savoury.

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“It seems the decision to carry out the robbery came while under the influence of cannabis.” Representing Hurd, of Wordsell Close, Charles Myatt, said: “Mr Hurd can’t quite believe he has got himself into this situation.

“This is a bizarre aberration for him and it not in character when you look at previous convictions. It was borne out of intense stupidity.”

The pair pleaded guilty to robbery at an earlier hearing.

Speaking to Bernard Judge Devaux said: “You have no criminal convictions although there are two reprimands and referees speak very well of you and this comes as a great surprise to all of them.

“It’s unlikely you dreamed this up on your own.

“You were not armed and this falls into the less sophisticated commercial robbery category.”

Speaking to Hurd he added: “You are the older of the two defendants in the dock and your record is less good but there’s no robbery on it.

“Your position is not unlike that of the handler of stolen property.

“It encourages others to commit crimes and it enables others to avoid the consequences of their crime while unsuccessful and escape detainment and punishment.”

Bernard was sentenced to 14 months in a young offenders’ institution while Hurd was sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment.