Ipswich: Two-timing love rat assaulted partner and then cheated on lover

A LOVE rat thrown out by his partner for cheating, then two-timed his lover with the girlfriend who booted him out, a court heard.

Matthew Stacey was so enraged when his partner first found out about his affair that he grabbed her by the throat and squeezed it, before threatening to punch her.

Today the 41-year-old Lothario is paying the price for his temper and tangled love life after admitting assault by beating and breach of a non-molestation order.

Ipswich magistrates heard Stacey, who was living in Ipswich at the time, had come home drunk on March 31. His girlfriend suspected him of cheating on her and checked his mobile phone.

Prosecutor Andrea Reynolds said a text message confirmed his partner’s suspicions. At around 11.45pm she rang Stacey’s lover, who told her she knew nothing about him having a partner.

Stacey’s partner then confronted him. After waking the car salesman up he swore at her, and she told him to leave their home, the court heard.

However, he grabbed her throat and squeezed it as she sat on the bed.

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Ms Reynolds said the woman was very frightened and had not seen Stacey be so aggressive in the past.

He then pinned her up against a wardrobe, before pulling her nightie up beside her head and telling her he would punch her so no one would hear her screams, the court was told.

The woman eventually got out of the house and ran to her neighbour’s home.

As a result of the incident the girlfriend successfully applied for a county court non-molestation order to prevent Stacey contacting her.

Magistrates heard the situation became even more entangled when Stacey did not go over to his lover’s one day. The woman put two and two together and drove to the home of Stacey’s now ex-partner - who had taken out the non-molestation order - and found him there.

The ex-partner admitted to a moment of weakness and it transpired Stacey had been continuing to have sex with her. He and his ex-partner had even gone on holiday to Cornwall despite the non-molestation order being in place, magistrates were told.

The court also heard a third woman, another ex-girlfriend, had taken out her own non-molestation order against Stacey in 2010, despite him already being in a relationship with the woman he went on to assault on March 31.

Stacey, now of Sandford Road, Old Newton, Stowmarket, was given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to pay his ex-partner �150 compensation and costs of �85. In addition Stacey must complete 100 hours of unpaid work while under a 12-month supervision order.

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