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Take part in Ipswich Vision's survey - Credit: Ipswich Vision

The Ipswich Vision partners have launched a new strategy for the future revival of the town centre and district shopping parades. This renewed vision aims for more people to be living in the town centre, and to encourage those who do not to make better use of the town centre as well as their local district centres. 

Back in March of this year, a £25 million funding package for Ipswich, to be spent on a range of improvement projects, was confirmed by the government. After hosting its Vision conference back in March where it outlined its plans for the future of Ipswich, Ipswich Vision is now encouraging residents and businesses of Ipswich to have their say on the proposed developments. 

The plans outline a number of ambitious projects, including the goal to continue the revival of the waterfront, with proposed plans to redevelop the empty St Paul’s Silo. They also include the introduction of a ‘Digital Ipswich’ with Augmented Reality trails, AR experiences, public WiFi and 5G technology and a digital hub to provide vulnerable young people with a network of safe places to visit. By accelerating the digital transformation and investing in a digitally skilled workforce, the Vision hopes to attract more residents and businesses to the town centre as part of its ‘Better Connected’ strategy. 

The Connected Towns Survey is now asking residents and business owners to let their thoughts be known on the future of Ipswich town centre and the changes they would like to see made to it over the coming years. 

To enhance the shopping, visiting and residential experience of the town centre, the Ipswich Vision partners want to hear from you. 

Sophie Alexander, chief operating officer at Ipswich Central and All About Ipswich, encourages local people to take part in the survey: “It’s really important for all views to be considered when planning the future of the town. From residents and visitors to workers and students, we welcome all communities of Ipswich to take part and have their say on what a ‘Connected Town’ could mean for their lives.” 

Take part in the survey.

Ipswich Central is the Business Improvement District (BID) company for Ipswich, representing over 630 town centre and waterfront businesses. With a passion to make Ipswich a great place for businesses to thrive and for visitors to enjoy; the small team work together on place management and place marketing projects to help create a strong town with a bright future. 

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