Is there an ostrich on the loose in the Suffolk countryside?

Reports of an ostrich on the loose in Hollesley

Reports of an ostrich on the loose in Hollesley

It may be a wild goose chase but an ostrich has reportedly been spotted roaming the Suffolk countryside.

One bird expert said he was convinced he had watched the bird pulling up plants in a field in Hollesley for 10 minutes yesterday afternoon.

RSPB warden David Fairhurst is sure he saw an ostrich just north of the water tower in the village at about 2.30pm.

He was driving between the Boyton and Hollesley Marshes reserves when he caught sight of the animal in the field off Melton Road.

He described it as “easily the height of an average man” with a striped head.

“If it wasn’t an ostrich, it was an emu or a rhea, but I’ve seen rheas in South America and can be sure it wasn’t one,” he said.

Police have received no reports of escaped ostriches or of other sightings from members of the public.

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