Is this Suffolk’s largest pot hole?


Residents near Eye believe they may have found the obstacle on the B1077.


Residents in a mid Suffolk village believe that they may have found the county’s largest pot hole.

The pothole, located on the B1077 between Bedingfield and Rishangles, is thought to be around 3ft by 5ft wide and around a foot deep.

Local resident Christopher Reynolds said that the pothole was now filling with water coming off a local pond and that it had become dangerous to road users who might not be able to see it when it was full.

“It’s getting to be a major problem,” said Mr Reynolds,

Mr Reynolds said that this pot hole was the worst of a number of local pot holes which were blighting the area and causing damage to cars.

A Suffolk County Council spokesperson said that highways had had a few pot holes reported to them in the area.

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He added that one at Catts’s Corner was due to be filled in soon with inspectors going out to examine others in the next few days.